Dennis Haskins aka Mr. Belding talks Saved By The Bell & Huge weight loss!

Dennis Haskins joins Michael and Leo to talk about Saved by the Bell, the Bill Cosby scandal, and how he lost 70 pounds. Dennis roasts Michael’s wardrobe and shares some classic Hollywood stories. The guys also talk about the drastic differences between what it’s like for kids today than when they were growing up.

Comedian Candace Thompson talks Love and Crazy Tinder stories in LA!

Candice Thompson (@jokesbycandice) joins Michael (@michaelyo) and Leo (@leoflowers2000) to talk about how they spent Valentine’s Day, personal insecurities, and coming up in comedy. They also talk about what it’s like to date in LA and how dating apps have changed the game. All this and more on the Michael Yo and Leo Show.

Kenny Hamilton talks Bieber and finding the next big thing!

Rell battle and Kenny Hamilton are in the studio. Michael tells us about his engagement story, Rell (creator of roast battle at the comedy store) askes are good roasters just sad people or are most comedians just depressed and miserable people? Kenny (Justin Beibers former road manager) talks about his future endevors and stories from the road. All this […]

4: Stevie Blue Eyes – Talks Going to Jail for Selling ICE CREAM!

Stevie Blue Eyes sits in with Yo and Leo and talks about his run in with the law that landed him a 5 year senteance in a federal prison 

3 Nick Guerra – Talks Guys that are way to SENSITIVE!

Nick Guerra is on the podcast trying to shed some light on why people are so sensitve. They take fan call ins to see if Leo is too sensitive or just a man in touch with his emotions, find out on this episode of Yo Leo Show!

2: Ryan Cabrera – Talks Hooters Pageant/Girls/Living in Hollywood

Comedian/The INSIDER’s Michael Yo and Stand-up comedian Leo Flowers talks about couple’s counseling and their take on past girls texting while you’re in a new relationship! Special guest Ryan Cabrera.